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Microscope (monocular) with light source has an iris type condenser for focusing light on slides viewed through a single lens. It has course and fine focus

A microscope is an instrument with lens used in the laboratory to make visible small objects that cannot be seen with our naked eyes and the science of investigating these small objects and their structure is called microscopy, this application is mainly used in schools, hospitals and testing laboratories.

The main function of the microscope –  is to magnify very small object like a cell under study to be able to see the shape ad the structure of its organelles like nucleus, mitochondria. Bacteria and germs can be seen under a microscope.

Types of microscopes

  • Optical – used mainly in schools and by doctor’s, they use lenses and visible light to see small objects that can be about one micrometre, such objects are red blood cell and human hair.
  • Electron – analyse small objects like atoms which can be one tenth of a nan-meter and they use electrostatic lenses and beam of charged particles to focus the object to be studied and is also considered to be to have the highest magnification resolution.
  • Scanning probe – use a very sharp probe that interacts with the sample surface, during this interaction an image is formed.

A monocular is a microscope with one lens or eye that can magnify samples up to 1000 times and they are normally used in schools to examine prepared slide samples.

A binocular microscope is a microscope with two lens or eyes, it gives a better viewing and decreases a strain on the eye compare to a monocular.

When the object is placed under a microscope, a virtual erect and magnified image of the object is achieved at a shorter distance of distinguishable vision form the eye held close to the lens. Magnified image is achieved through one lens of the microscope, this lens bends the light towards the eye and make an object appear larger than its appearance.

Microscope Range

Microscope Compound monocular, Microscope Accessory Kit


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